Wednesday, April 19, 2006

dead legs

Today's swim practice (5:30 am)
reverse IM warmup: 50 swim, 50 kick of each stroke = 400
kick with fins 2x100 butterfly on our backs, 100 fast backstroke
twice through = 600
8x25 breaststroke drill = 200
200 moderate free then 50 fast
200 moderate then 100 fast
200 moderate then 200 fast = 950
50 cool down
for a total of 2200 yards (the faster people probably did 3000)

When I went out running after supper my legs had no life in them. Sometimes after I warm up it gets better but it didn't today. It didn't help that it was warm--my hair is wet with sweat all the way to the end of my braid. Six miles at a pace of 13:16 minutes per mile. I shouldn't complain--a month and a half ago I would have been thrilled with that.

I like to do my long run midweek, even though it puts it on top of swimming, to save my legs for long bike rides on the weekend. I figure it is good practice to run on tired legs--I signed up for my first international distance triathlon (1500 meter Swim, 40k Bike, 10k Run) June 11.

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