Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Usually I have a good story about wearing ashes on a southern campus, but it didn't work out that way this year.

I decided not to go to the 7 am service. I would have had to leave swimming early and also ask my husband to drive the carpool. This year my church offered a 12:15 service, and I teach only until 12:05. So I figured it was easier just to go to the 12:15 service instead of changing around my morning schedule.

It turned out to be a mistake. I was a few minutes late to the service and it was hard to get focused. I didn't eat lunch until after the service was over and by that time I was in a state I get into when I go too long without eating where I feel weak and know I need to eat but can't think of anything I want to eat--usually I end up bursting into tears. It takes an hour or more for my blood sugar system to recover after I do eat (I actually don't go very low, but apparently my body has a strong reaction to running out of reserves).

I had an appointment at 4 so I had very limited time to get in my long run. My blood sugar system hadn't stabilized when I started running and I had an intermittent headache. The food did kick in fairly quickly and I ended up having a good 6 mile run. But then when I hurried back to my office for the appointment the person had cancelled.

Since I ran after church, wearing a cap because of the bright sunshine and headache, and then showered, I didn't end up walking around campus with ashes on my forehead at all. It contradicts the reading about our father who sees in secret, but I rather like the experience of being visible. And usually there is an entertaining story to tell about confused students.

Next year hopefully I will remember that it is worth going to the 7 am service even if it is hard to fit into my schedule.

My monthly totals for February are:
Swimming 12 workouts for 15:40 hours
Biking 3 workouts for 42 miles in 3:54 hours
Running 8 workouts: 36 miles in 8:30 hours
I'm happy with my achievement in the half marathon, and the month revolved around that, plus travel and rainy weekends and then a bad cold.

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