Monday, February 20, 2006

bad cold

I got so much healthier when I brought my blood sugar under control that I haven't had a cold that lasted for more than 2 days in over 2 years. But pushing myself too hard has caught up with me and now I'm in day 3 of a cold and still feeling rotten. I went to the doctor today because the inhalers I use to keep from getting a chronic cough after a bad cold were prescriptions from 2000 and 2003--the pharmacist said definitely not good any more.

I haven't seen this family practitioner since he diagnosed me with diabetes in Oct. 2004. I started going to a gynecologist and asked her to be the one to manage the diabetes, since all this doctor seemed to know to say was to tell me to lose weight. The interesting thing today is that he chose not to say anything about my weight loss and diabetes management; instead he made conversation about the article featuring me that was in the newspaper a few weeks ago. I would have liked to brag about my good diabetes numbers, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that this doctor and I have worked out over the years how to keep me from going into a chronic cough (apparently a reactive asthma). The year I strained one of the joints between my ribs and my breastbone and it hurt so much to cough and I kept coughing for weeks made me take prevention very seriously.

I asked the doctor about when to go back to swimming, but all he had to say was judge by whether I had my energy back. Our pool uses salt in the water and less chlorine, so it probably won't hurt my sinuses.

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