Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Long Run

mile 1 12:24
mile 2 14:46
mile 3 15:44
mile 4 14:38
.57 mi 8:34
mile 5 14:03
mile 6 17:13
mile 7 15:16
mile 8 16:02
.79 mi 13:52

Total 9.36 mi in 2:22:42 (not counting 8:48 in rest time) for an average pace of 15.14. Rolling hills the whole way but the worst hill was in mile 3. Today was harder than last week's long run, but last week I ran in the morning, while this week I swam hard in the morning and started my run at 6 pm. I tried to eat a fig newman per mile, and that seemed to work fairly well. I had had a little dinner before I went out.

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Oldman said...

heyas I love fig newmans...i hadn't thot about eating them on the run!

thanks for linking to my blog.