Tuesday, January 31, 2006

long run and monthly totals

I did my last long run yesterday before the half-marathon Feb. 11. I did 11.35 miles, four times around a shorter version of the dike loop. Doing loops worked out well--it started out sunny but as I finished my second loop it started to rain. When I got to my car I put on my jacket, and rather enjoyed the storm. By my fourth loop the rain had stopped. I hadn't been sure of the weather so I started out in short sleeves but had put a long sleeved shirt in the car, so I had a dry shirt to change into for my last loop. The dry shirt felt wonderful, my legs didn't. But I experimented with walk/run intervals, and that seemed to help.

Monthly totals for Jan. 2006:
swim 15 hours 10 minutes
bike 111 miles in 10:14
run 73 miles in 19:10
That is a total of 44 hours 35 minutes training for the month.

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