Saturday, September 17, 2005

Christ School

My son is at Christ School, in Arden NC. The school does not bill itself as specializing in learning disabilities, but we picked it because it has a good support program. Thursday I got an email from a teacher, a weekly report, that said my son had not turned in his rough draft of his first major paper and should go talk to the teacher about it Friday because the paper is due Monday. Other reports show some missing homework. I told my son he needed to talk to the teacher before he came home for the weekend, and I alerted my son's advisor that I had done so. The advisor saw my son at 7:45 am and told him to go talk to the English teacher during extra help time at 8. He didn't. Meanwhile I contacted the learning resource teacher to ask if it would be a good idea to sign my son up for supervised study hall in the evenings, and he said yes, so I contacted the director of the learning resource program and signed my son up, starting Sunday. By the time my son got to his weekly meeting with his advisor Friday afternoon he was signed up for supervised study hall and mandatory extra help, and the advisor had made an appointment and walked him to meet with the English teacher then and there.

I am very relieved that the support my son needs is there, even his advisor walking him to an appointment with the English teacher. My son said he was "a little bit mad" at us when this all hit him, but I promised him when his grades are all B or above he won't have to do supervised study hall any more, and I pointed out that the mandatory extra help was the consequence of not going to see the English teacher when told to do so (by the teacher and his advisor). And all of this happened before the paper was actually due. I said to someone that I wanted a school where my son would get a second chance, and they immediately became worried that I thought my son would get into serious trouble. But that wasn't what I meant, this is what I meant. Not ending up hopelessly in a hole with his grades if he messes up.

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