Saturday, August 13, 2005

slowly back to my training

Wednesday the doctor told me I could resume my normal activities, except swimming. I ran 1 1/2 miles on Thursday and then stopped because my knee started to hurt. My massage therapist said it was an arch problem and so I put my newer custom orthotics into my running shoes and today ran 2 miles without pain. I think I was right to stop then; there is some soreness in my legs. Before the accident I was running 2 3/4 miles three days a week, so I'm discouraged by how much 2 1/2 weeks off has set me back. When I built up originally I had hip problems that I worked through by only increasing my three day a week runs by 1/4 mile each month. Hopefully I can build up more quickly this time.

My bike isn't ready yet, which is frustrating. The rubber on the brifters was torn, and when they replaced it the bike didn't shift properly. They finally figured out that the new rubber covers were the wrong model but now we have to wait for new ones to come in. In the meantime I am riding my yard sale mountain bike, 20 minutes yesterday, 40 minutes today. It doesn't hurt, but I do feel some strain in my shoulder.

I can go back to swimming in three weeks or so. I'm actually going to go back to my masters group when it starts up for the year next week, and do the kick set only. I am doing six arm and shoulder strengthening exercises given to me by the physical therapist.

I was scheduled to do my fourth sprint triathlon September 17, but I cancelled out of that. There is a race Sept. 25, the Octoberfest Triathlon in Hiawassee, Georgia, that would be easy to get to: the web site describes it as international distance but then says 8/10 mile swim, 17 mile bike, 4 mile run. Last year's winner's run time was 23 minutes, so that suggests it really is 4 miles, not six. Or I could do the Hickory Knob Triathlon Oct. 15 but that really is an international distance race--swim 1500 meters, bike 28 miles, run 6.2 miles--and it conflicts with my son's fall break.

So am I foolish to want to do a race this fall? The season starts in April here, so I'm surprised there aren't any sprint distance races in October. At least I haven't been able to find one within a half day's drive.