Tuesday, June 14, 2005

race results

I finally found the race results.
swim .25 mi: 7:21
bike 10 mi: 44.48
run 3.5 mi: 44:26
Total 1:36:36
place: 719 out of 766

Transition is included in the bike time. My son timed my bike time as 37 minutes, which comes out to 16.2 mph. I'm again very happy with the running, which is a pace of 12.7 minutes a mile--a little faster than at the Clemson race in May and over a longer distance. I'm not at all sure that .25 miles is an accurate swim distance, though it is what is posted on the results page.

I've expanded the race report I posted yesterday now that we have our phone and internet working and I could spend more time on it.

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