Saturday, May 07, 2005

Issaqueena's Last Ride

I only did the 31 mile route of this ride because I didn't want to risk overstraining anything a week before my triathlon. They say the 31 is flat compared to the century, but it was pretty hilly, just no mountains. Beautiful roads--I hardly saw a car from mile 5 to mile 15. And I was happy after the ride; they had chili soup which exactly hit the spot.

I ended up riding alone so I used it as an opportunity to work on keeping my level of effort up for nearly 2 1/2 hours--a similar length of time to the triathlon. I felt it at the time but my legs feel ok now. That doesn't mean much because bicycling is an awful lot easier for me than running. I'm not going to test myself on the running, just keep to my training of running 2.5 miles on the track three days a week and see what happens when it comes to the triathlon. Too many knee twinges to risk trying anything new beforehand.

I was convinced for a while that I had lost my cell phone (I usually put it in my bento box and thought it had fallen out). I struggled to get to a mental place where I wouldn't spend the whole ride worrying about it. Then when I got to the rest stop I discovered it was in my jersey pocket. It will be interesting to see if it is easier to keep focused during the actual triathlon.

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