Sunday, March 13, 2005

a beautiful warm spring day

My first priority was to join a Cyberspinners bike ride through the Eastatoe valley just south of Route 11. We stopped at one abandoned house with a large field full of daffodils. We did about 30 hilly miles and my knee twinged less than yesterday when I did about 25 flatter slower miles.

Somehow I also got a paper rewritten today to give at a conference this Friday. Actually it still needs to be cut in half, but at least I feel I have a text to work from that goes where I want to go. Cutting it is going to be hard, as the argument hinges on some complicated technical details. The session organizer emailed me today to ask me to circulate my paper right away, so I barely squeaked under the wire on that one.

Church today left me thinkig about the story of the raising of Lazarus, who "stinketh" (in the worlds of the King James version). And about a comment someone made in our Sunday school class on Celtic spirituality: that we meet evil but we know the good inside us is stronger. My first reaction was that it didn't work that way for me as a kid. But I do like the Celtic emphasis on the goodness of creation.

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