Monday, February 14, 2005

not feeling deprived

If I'm going to eat to control my diabetes for the rest of my life, I believe it is important to not build up feeling deprived. Yesterday my bicycling group had a "Ride for the Chocolate," only it rained so the ride part was cancelled. I did go to the pool and swim for 40 minutes as my workout for the day. I took my favorite chocolate dessert to the party--a flourless chocolate cake from the Cooks Illustrated The Best Recipe cookbook. The ingredients are bittersweet chocolate, butter and eggs, nothing else, so it is relatively low carb (particularly because I use 70% cocoa bittersweet chocolate).

There was a light supper before the desserts--I skipped the soup and ate meat and cheese rolled up together. For dessert I ate mostly my cake and fresh fruit dipped in chocolate sauce, which tasted very good. I looked at the other desserts and decided the one I most wanted a small piece of was a white cake with a strawberry filling--a smart person had made something without chocolate for variety.

After an hour my blood glucose was 137, after two hours 105. This morning my fasting bg was 95. I had my treat without my bg going over my goals. My glucose tolerance is better than it was 9 months ago--just losing weight didn't work but more intense exercise has made a difference.

An essay I wrote about my experiences is on The Health Care Blog.

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