Wednesday, January 19, 2005

it gets confusing

One of the interesting things about trying to train for a triathlon is that three sports are more than my mental patterning can keep track of. Saturday I got back on my bicycle after not riding since Tuesday and the pattern felt so strange for a few minutes. This morning I ran after two days off and it took me three laps of the track before I got into the flow of it (and I only do 5 laps).

And then there is trying to figure out swimming. I had heard the idea of breathing every three strokes but that just seemed unrealistic for me. I assumed three strokes was right left right left right left. But the coach explained it to me yesterday--each arm counts as a stroke--so it means breathing on one side then on the other. I can't imagine coordinating that; I can't really manage breathing on the other side at all.

Definitely keeps me from getting bored.

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