Wednesday, September 22, 2004

slapped on the wrist

We had a wonderful speaker on Science, Technology, and Society in Monday and Tuesday. Due to a miscommunication with the committee member who contacted him and to his particular situation, I offered him an honorarium higher than the other speakers. It turned out that what I offered him is high enough that it was supposed to either go out to competitive bidding or be justified as a sole source procurement at least 28 days before he arrived (we only made the arrangement with him a month ago). So today I had to write a letter apologizing for my mistake and saying that I now understand proper procedures. The instructions ask for what will be done to discipline the person making the mistake, but I simply said I took responsibility for my mistake and would make sure it wouldn't happen again. It brings up a lot of childhood feelings for me. Yes, I know I'm bad, I won't do it again.

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