Tuesday, April 27, 2004

learning disabilities

I just copied supplemental material from some follow-up testing my kids had, right after reading about some interesting research on Wampum. What struck me in the research is that it was the first thing I had seen that might explain why my son turns his head away when doing close work. But how can he at the same time be an extremely fast reader, with reasonably good comprehension? I have wanted at least to find a pattern into which my children fit, but perhaps that is the wrong impulse. My kids don't fit the standard pattern of ADD and phonological problems and so I look for alternative patterns. But my experience has not been of finding patterns that can tell us what help will make a difference. Instead, what we have found is some activities that somehow myseriously work (like piano lessons for my son starting at age 6) and some things where the child somehow mysteriously finds a way (like my daughter going from fairly severe dyslexia to a reading fluency score over the 99.9 th percentile). I think there isn't an answer, only the willingness to keep trying and openness to whatever seems to work.

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