Tuesday, March 02, 2004

white flour

I put the bread I make for the kids in the bread machine last night on the timer, so it was ready just before we got up. It is made with a cup of old-fashioned oats and three cups of bread flour. I don't eat that bread any more, I make grown-up bread with oatmeal, barley bits, coarse ground whole wheat flour, milled flax, and vital wheat gluten. But today I was tempted by the smell and decided not to make a big deal of denying myself, so I ate one piece. I did check my blood glucose more often, curious what the effect would be. I spiked briefly to 150, though by 1 hour after eating it I was down to 135 (my goal is to be under 140 at one hour). At two hours I was at 95, which suggests that my body reacted to the spike by producing too much insulin, too slowly. It shows how careful I have to be if I want to keep my blood glucose from swings, which if nothing else make me feel hungry at the strangest times.

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