Tuesday, December 30, 2003

off we go

Information on our boat is here, though we have a customized itinerary:
Day 1 Baltra, South Plaza
Day 2 Espanola (Gardner Bay, Punta Suarez)
Day 3 Floreana ( Punta Cormorant, Devils Crown and/or Champion, Post Office Bay, Highlands)
Day 4 Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Research Station, Highlands)
Day 5 Genovesa (Darwin Bay, Prince Philip Steps)
Day 6 Bartolome, Santiago (Puerto Egas)
Day 7 Rabida, Santa Cruz (Cerro Dragon)
Day 8 North Seymour, Baltra
It is the two days in Quito first I am worried about--traveling with kids in a third world country. We decided to arrange to have a van meet us at the airport after the person in the Galapagos who is arranging our trip sent us the following information about taking a taxi safely:
It can still be a bit of a scramble getting through the crowd to the taxi van outside, so make sure you keep your eyes on your bags at all times. When travelling as a family we always have the following rule when getting into a taxi of any kind: one parent always gets into the taxi first, before our kids get in. (This is to avoid the very unlikely but still possible danger of having a kid get in the taxi and the taxi driver suddenly driving off with him or her before the parent gets in - unfortunately kidnapping is a real, though rare, event). The second rule is for one parent to get in the taxi before the bags are put in--this is to avoid the driver driving off with your bags before you get into the taxi. Also be vigilant like this when you get out of your taxi when you arrive at your destination. It is best for one adult to stay in the taxi until the bags and kids are out.
We'll be back Jan. 10.

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