Friday, July 18, 2003


I had a long, trafficky drive to an interview this afternoon, but now I have a quiet weekend alone. On the way home I bought myself a bunch of lilies for $3. I'm glad not to be flying--last weekend my flight south was cancelled after boarding 2 hours late and sitting on the runway with no air conditioning for half an hour and my flight north was two hours late so we had less than 5 minutes to make our connection (we did but our bags didn't). I've been worrying about being so alone, no one to see me, but right now the quiet just makes me happy.

While I ate my supper I read a story in a local weekly paper about a student who has taken a two-month vow of silence. He has a blog and also a free-form web site. A providential reminder to enjoy the silence, make it my own retreat.

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