Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Leaving the kids at camp was as hard as the first time two years ago. John stayed home and loaded the car for our trip to Philadelphia, and it is a lot to juggle getting both kids settled on opposite sides of the camp. But I suppose it is also my fears of being in a new place myself that it was hard to leave them in a new place.

Our drive to Philadelphia went smoothly--about 12 hours total. The only snag was that the message to let us in didn't get passed on to the right doorperson and we couldn't get into the apartment when we first got there, but we got safely in about an hour later. I don't feel settled in, but at least I have a place to settle into now, both the apartment and an office at work.

I was very strained yesterday morning but since we have gotten to Philadelphia I have been forcing myself to cope. I hope to be able to let down some this evening.

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