Thursday, July 03, 2003

letting down

I've hardly had a chance to think, with getting organized to travel and then 15 hours of driving over two days (counting taking the kids to camp) and then getting settled in a sublet apartment and two new workplaces where I didn't know anyone. We went to the symphony last night as we wanted to go to the hall a block and a half from our apartment rather than to the outdoor concerts in the park. The Philadelphia Orchestra has a brand new hall, which is interesting architecturally but a bit heavy-handed. Simplicity is appealing but it is hard for a building to be both simple and impressive without looking facist.

So now after all this activity we head into a three day weekend. When I have been holding things together intensely it is hard to let down, hard to feel it is safe to let down. I'm afraid too much dark wildness will come out. I'm trying to use art to give me an alternative way to let things out while I am away from my home safety net; I will see what I can come up with this weekend.

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