Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Chiropractic, again

I was supposed to go back to the chiropractor for a third time today (then I was thinking of giving up). But he called me before 8 am to say that he didn't think it was worth my while to come because he didn't think that he could help me, unless I agreed to more intensive treatment. Maybe I was then supposed to agree to the more intensive treatment, but the way he said it put more emphasis on his not being able to help me more than what I was already accomplishing with exercises. It may just be that my massage therapist told him to back off and he did. But I'm wondering if it has to do with my calling after the last treatment angry about a diagnosis he had put on my record. He told me it was a mistake in his computer system and he would take it off, but I wondered what games were being played with the insurance company. Do chiropractors actively avoid patients who think critically?

I hate these situations where there is no middle ground because of the polarization of two competing groups of professionals. The worst case of it I have seen is between ophthalmologists and optometrists about surgery for eye muscle imbalances. I want again to be able to pick and choose and combine, not to have to cast my lot with one theory or another. Individualism, again.

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