Saturday, November 02, 2002

I shouldn't complain about how other people vote. Living in South Carolina I hold my nose and vote for whomever the Democrat is, even the one who ran a commercial showing himself and his wife skeet shooting (and it ran while the sniper in Washington was still on the loose). I learned my lesson when I refused to vote for Jimmy Carter; the lesser of two evils may be hard to swallow but the greater of two evils really can make things worse. Thankfully we have a real (and nonpartisan) choice in our city council election--several pro-growth white people who want to cut taxes and several African-Americans who want to make the city fairer. They got politicized after the police didn't do a breath test on a white college student whose car hit and killed a black man. I hope they last longer than the smart-growth (anti-WalMart) college professors who have run and been elected and then resigned for various reasons before their terms ended.

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