Monday, November 18, 2002

jumping between topics

I had an intense phone conversation with my therapist this morning--I had found an article debunking recovered memories in a publication he reads (I won't dignify it with a link) and I needed reassurance that he believes me. We acknowledged that all the details aren't necessarily accurate, but I wanted him to say he believes me, what I remember was real. He got stuck on exactly what I meant by that, but it was so important that I kept pushing. I acknowledged that details get mixed up with symbols and feelings but I need the overall statement that he believes it was real. Finally he did give me that.

By the time we had worked that out it was time for me to give a talk to 4th-6th graders on the history of factory workers. I gave a brief description not just of the development of textile factories in England, New England, and the American South but also of the basic principles of capitalism (why the profits go to the owners, not the workers). I had a lot of energy to put into it, I guess.

I have almost an hour to catch my breath before lecturing on the history of computers before the computer. It intrigues me to try to get my students to understand what a slide rule did and didn't do. I'm going to get them to try one on their laptops.

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