Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I feel like God is calling me in so many different directions. I know one of my tasks is to learn to be gentle with myself, to see life as abundant, not as a difficult task in which I must discipline myself harshly. (My favorite example of the approach I am trying to get away from is my mother's line: "If you aren't hungry you aren't losing weight.") I feel very satisfied with my professional work, with the difference I can make. I've applied for a training program to be a spiritual director, and I feel that opportunities are opening up for me there. That is something I would only do a little of on the side, not something that requires a career change, but I see it as a step towards exploring my dream of wanting to be a priest. What I'm saying is that it is hard to discern anything because it all feels so right. How do I avoid either overcommitting myself and losing track of the journey to be more gentle with myself or doing too many things to do them well?

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